The Environment & Climate Change

Climate change and global warming is a major threat to our environment. It is now generally accepted by the scientific community worldwide that emissions of greenhouse gases, largely from energy use, are changing the Earth's climate with potentially serious consequences. The problem is that burning coal, gas and oil for transport, in power stations and in our homes is causing an increase in the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere faster than it can be absorbed by plants and the oceans and this is expected to lead to a change in global climate. In this country, this could mean more extreme weather conditions, such as flooding and drought, with wide differences in regional climate. It could have significant effects on agriculture, water resources, human health, wildlife and the countryside.

What you can do to save energy in your home

More efficient use of energy in our homes would limit emissions of greenhouse gases and so help reduce the effects of climate change and global warming. Producing heating and hot water accounts for over 70% of the energy used in the home, it therefore makes sense to produce this heat as efficiently as possible. This can be achieved by making sure that the most efficient boiler is installed in your home such as a condensing boiler, and also that the most up to date controls are used with accurate temperature control for both heating and hot water and to ensure adequate insulation and glazing is installed. There is also the growing availability of micro-generation / renewable energy such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Home Energy Audit

It can be confusing deciding which is going to be the most cost effective and money saving home improvement and which one will reduce the greatest amount of carbon dioxide. A Home Energy Audit will provide the answers. A detailed survey of the home in accordance with the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) will enable a SAP home energy rating to be calculated and an Energy Performance Certificate produced which will provide details of the estimated running costs and carbon dioxide emissions and improvement options to reduce both of these.

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