Rented Homes & New Builds

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive:

Article 7 of this European law requires the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), recommendation and advisory reports when buildings are constructed, sold or rented out.

Existing Homes

Regulations came into force as part of the Home Information Pack (HIP) on the 1st August 2007, initially for 4 bedroom homes, with 3 bedroom homes included from 10 September and the rest to follow to complete the phased implementation.

New homes

New Homes have required a SAP (Governments Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating Homes) Energy Rating since 1995. From the 1st April 2008, the style of the Certificate will change to an EPC. Further details on Sap Ratings for new dwellings or conversions visit

Rented Homes

All rented homes will require an EPC to be provided to tenants from the 1st October 2008. This will include Local Authority, Housing Associations and Private Rented accommodation.

Home Owners

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Green Mortgages & Green Energy Tariffs

A look at how Green Mortgages & Green Energy Tariffs can help you to help the environment.

Where to go

This page contains information and guidance for householders on:

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